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Types of ectomycorrhizae and mycobioindication of forest site pollution

Hojka Kraigher and Franc Batič and Reinhard Agerer (1996) Types of ectomycorrhizae and mycobioindication of forest site pollution. Phyton: annales rei botanicae, 36 (3). pp. 115-120. ISSN 0079-2047

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    Types of ectomycorrhizae on Norway spruce were determined in soil cores from two differently polluted forest research plots from the emmission zone of the SoStanj Thermal Power Plant (TPP). All fine roots and ectomycorrhizal root tips were counted and the percentages of different types were calculated. Additionaly, soil and mycorrhizae from underneath fungal fruitbodies were collected in order to characterize new types of ectomycorrhizae by classical anatomical and by molecular methods. 17 types of ectomycorrhizae were determined on 28443 root tips in soil cores from the polluted plot (Zavodnje). On the less polluted plot (Mislinja) 24 different types were determined on 38502 root tips in equal volume and number of soil cores. In the discussiion of mycobioindication of forest site pollution we employed a supposedly pollution sensitive (Hydnum nifescens), and supposedly unsensitive (Paxillus involutus) fungal species in ectomycorrhizae. However, further screening of comparable forest sites differently influenced by pollution is needed to confirm the choice of species.

    Item Type: Article
    Keywords: Mycobioindication, types of ectomycorrhizae, forest site pollution
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    Divisions: Slovenian Forestry Institute > Department of Forest Physiology and Genetics
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