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Tree-ring investigations in oak and ash from different sites in Slovenia

Katarina Čufar and Tom Levanič (1999) Tree-ring investigations in oak and ash from different sites in Slovenia. Phyton: annales rei botanicae, 39 (3). pp. 113-116. ISSN 0079-2047

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    To develop Slovenian tree-ring chronologies, ring width patterns were analysed of Quercus robur L. (pedunculate oak), Q. petraea Liebl. (sessile oak), and Fraxinus excelsior L. (European ash) from seven typical stands in the Ljubljana Moor and six locations in Central, W, S, and NE Slovenia. The wood was analysed by standard dendrochronological procedures. Cross-dating of the tree-ring series of young, fast-growing lowland oaks was generally not possible. However, slower-growing older pedunculate oak, sessile oak, and ash were able to be cross-dated within each sampled stand. Tree-ring series of slower-growing, old oaks from different locations in Slovenia were also able to be crossdated.

    Item Type: Article
    Keywords: Quercus robur, Quercus petraea, Fraxinus excelsior, tree-ring chronologies, Slovenia.
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    Divisions: Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Wood Technology > Chair of wood science
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    Date Deposited: 05 Aug 2014 10:33
    Last Modified: 05 Aug 2014 10:33
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