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Sergei Põlme and Mohammad Bahram and Takashi Yamanaka and Kazuhide Nara and Yu Cheng Dai and Tine Grebenc and Hojka Kraigher and Mika Toivonen and Pi-Han Wang and Yosuke Matsuda and Triin Naadel and Peter G. Kennedy and Urmas Kõljalg and Leho Tedersoo (2013) Biogeography of ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with alders (Alnusspp.) in relation to biotic and abiotic variables at the global scale. New Phytologist, 198 (4). pp. 1239-1249. ISSN 0028646X

Urmas Kõljalg and R. Henrik Nilsson and Kessy Abarenkov and Leho Tedersoo and Andy F. S. Taylor and Mohammad Bahram and Scott T. Bates and Thomas D. Bruns and Johan Bengtsson-Palme and Tony M. Callaghan and Brian Douglas and Tiia Drenkhan and Ursula Eberhardt and Margarita Dueñas and Tine Grebenc and Gareth W. Griffith and Martin Hartmann and Paul M. Kirk and Petr Kohout and Ellen Larsson and Björn D. Lindahl and Robert Lücking and María P. Martín and P. Brandon Matheny and Nhu H. Nguyen and Tuula Niskanen and Jane Oja and Kabir G. Peay and Ursula Peintner and Marko Peterson and Kadri Põldmaa and Lauri Saag and Irja Saar and Arthur Schüßler and James A. Scott and Carolina Senés and Matthew E. Smith and Ave Suija and D. Lee Taylor and M. Teresa Telleria and Michael Weiss and Karl-Henrik Larsson (2013) Towards a unified paradigm for sequence-based identification of Fungi. Molecular Ecology, 22 (21). pp. 5271-5277. ISSN 09621083

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