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Francois Lefevre and Jarkko Koskela and Jason Hubert and Hojka Kraigher and Roman Longauer and Ditte C. Olrik and Silvio Schuler and Michelle Bozzano and Paraskevi Alizoti and Remigijus Bakys and Cathleen Baldwin and Dalibor Ballian and Sanna Black-Samuelsson and Dagmar Bednarova and Sandor Bordacd and Eric Collin and Bart De Cuyper and Sven M. G. De Vries and Throstur Eysteinsson and Josef Frydl and Michela Haverkamp and Mladen Ivanković and Heino Konrad and Czeslaw Koziol and Tiit Maaten and Eduardo Notivol Paino and Hikmet Ozout and Ivanova Denitsa Pandeva and Gheorge Parnuta and Andrej Pilipovič and Dragos Postolache and Cathal Ryan and Arne Steffenren and Maria Carolina Varela and Federico Vessella and Roman T. Volosyanchuk and Marjana Westergren and Frank Wolter and Leena Yrjana and Inga Zarida (2013) Dynamic Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources in 33 European Countries. Conservation Biology, 27 (2). pp. 373-384. ISSN 0888-8892

Jarkko Koskela and François Lefèvre and Silvio Schueler and Hojka Kraigher and Ditte C. Olrik and Jason Hubert and Roman Longauer and Michele Bozzano and Leena Yrjänä and Paraskevi Alizoti and Peter Rotach and Lorenzo Vietto and Sándor Bordács and Tor Myking and Thröstur Eysteinsson and Oudara Souvannavong and Bruno Fady and Bart De Cuyper and Berthold Heinze and Georg von Wühlisch and Alexis Ducousso and Bjerne Ditlevsen (2013) Translating conservation genetics into management: Pan-European minimum requirements for dynamic conservation units of forest tree genetic diversity. Biological Conservation, 157 . pp. 39-49. ISSN 0006-3207

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