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S. Berisha and Mitja Skudnik and Urša Vilhar and M. Sabovljević and Saša Zavadlav and Zvonka Jeran (2017) Trace elements and nitrogen in naturally growing moss Hypnum cupressiforme in urban and peri-urban forests. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 24 (5). pp. 4517-4527. ISSN 0944-1344 (In Press)

Hojka Kraigher and Miha Humar and Igor Emri and Sylwia A. Nasilowska and Mariusz Kacprzak and Jan Kotlarz and Alicja Rynkiewicz and Marko Bajc and Jernej Brezovar and Domen Finžgar and Andraž Kladnik and Rok Capuder and Jaka Levanič and Ida Poljanšek and Primož Oven and M. Sežun and M. Mešl and J. Zule and G. Lavric and A. Gregori and Anna Mazur and Tanja Mrak and Jožica Gričar and Peter Železnik and Saša Zavadlav and Grega E. Voglar and Polona Hafner and Mitja Ferlan and Tom Levanič and Ajda Pogorelčnik and Boštjan Lesar and Nejc Thaler and Matej Lesar and Davor Kržišnik and Aleš Ugovšek and Barbara Šubic and Gregor Rep and Jure Žigon and Milan Šernek and Guido Hora and Sergej Medved and Vladimir Jambreković (2016) Forest and wood: idea, invention, innovation (in forestry, wood technology and paper industry): book of abstracts of the Scientific Meeting Forest and Wood, Ljubljana, May 12th, 2016. Other. Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije, Založba Silva Slovenica , Ljubljana.

Saša Zavadlav (2014) Priprava vzorcev za določanje elementne in izotopske sestave C in N v trdnih vzorcih: SOP ISO LAB 02: standardni operacijski postopek: verzija 1.0. Technical Report. Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije , Ljubljana.

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