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Fine root dynamics in Slovenian beech forests in relation to soil temperature and water availability

Peter Železnik and Urša Vilhar and Mike Starr and Maarten De Groot and Hojka Kraigher (2015) Fine root dynamics in Slovenian beech forests in relation to soil temperature and water availability. Trees . ISSN 1432-2285

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    The ingrowth and mortality of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) fine roots (diameters <2 mm) were studied in relation to environmental variables describing temperature and water availability at four sites, covering a range in environmental conditions likely to be encountered in Slovenian beech forests. Minirhizotron images were used to determine fine root dynamics in a stand and gap in each of the sites for 12 periods during the 2007–2009 growing seasons. The environmental variables included air and soil temperatures, precipitation, forest floor precipitation, evapotranspiration and soil water contents. For data analysis, the daily mean values for each period for all variables were used. Fine root ingrowth and mortality were higher in the managed stand and gap compared to the old-growth stand and gap, but only significantly correlated with each other in the case of the managed stand. Forest floor precipitation and soil temperature were significant in explaining fine root ingrowth, whereas maximal evapotranspiration, soil temperature and soil water content were more important for fine root mortality. However, the correlations were weak and inconsistent among the four sites. By including site as predictor as well as environmental variables, R2 values of 0.49 and 0.55 for ingrowth and mortality, respectively, were achieved. Despite this, the relationships between the fine root dynamics and selected environmental factors appeared relatively weak and complex, especially for fine root ingrowth and might be partially related also to differences in successional stages of the forests under study.

    Item Type: Article
    Keywords: Fine root ingrowth, Fine root mortality, Environmental factors, Forest floor precipitation, Evapotranspiration,
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